Free comparison tool

Many people start exploring the world of corporate emissions by familiarising themselves with carbon footprints of well known companies.

It's to that end that we are making a free tool available to the general public, which enables anybody to compare two companies on a like-for-like basis.

All it takes is to select two companies and to click "compare" and the following chart and table appear with emission efficiencies, energy consumptions and waste generation:

New Energy statistics

You can now consult energy consumption statistics in Europe. These statistics are published by the European Commission and cover 29 countries and the following benchmarks in kilo oil equivalents (KOE) or ton oil equivalents (TOE):

Quantitative Ratings Launched

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our Quantitative Ratings.

These ratings are purely based on quantitative aspects - at no point do they involve the personal interpretation of an analyst who must read through text or survey responses. We believe that numbers in large volumes speak for themselves and can serve as a foundation for a more qualitative analysis.

New partnership with Enablon

In July we closed a partnership with Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability and EHS Management Software Solutions.

This was picked up in the media:

6000 CDM projects now available in our DB

Information about CDM projects is typically closely monitored by issuers, traders, banks etc...

However, we believe these projects can yield a range of insights for Corporates and Carbon Consultants - for example:

New data: UN statistics

Our database was further complemented by country-level statistics published by the United Nations.

We computed the year-over-year % reduction (or increase) for the main sectors of activity. This top-down view meets our bottom-up sector averages based on emissions published by companies. Contact us to order a digest that summarizes the key insights by comparing the top-down to the bottom-up averages.

EU ETS: 2010 Verified Emissions now in our database

In April the EU released the latest results for 2010 and we have promptly added the 2010 verified emissions to our database. This information can now be viewed along with all the allocations and verificications since 2005. With our business intelligence interface, users can slice and dice this information in any way they wish.

Carbon Screener Goes Live

Partnership with Corporate Register, the world's largest repository of CSR reports, launched a new site feature today, the result of a partnership with CO2Benchmark. This new feature, located under ‘Performance’ in Company Profiles, will provide carbon performance data for over 500 corporations, a figure that should grow to over 3,000 with time.

New Case study Database now Live!

CO2Benchmark has contacted hundreds of organisations to get their success stories and has reviewed over 1,000 case studies to aggregate the best examples of carbon reduction initiatives. The team of analysts has applied the following vigorous criteria for them to be included in the database:

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